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You work hard and have good credit. You want financing options to purchase a home or car for your family abroad, maybe make an investment outside of the U.S. Why in the world should you pay more than twice the amount that you would pay to finance U.S. property? No more.

Enter the new credit world with Rapa, modern credit for global citizens.

  • How does it work?

    Even though you live in the U.S., most banks here won’t lend you funds for purchases outside of the country.

    Local banks, if they lend at all, lend on a restricted basis and not to the extent, or on the favorable terms, typical in the U.S. Moreover, many local banks pass on the cost of their bad credit decisions to borrowers in the form of high interest rates.

    Rapa assesses your ability and intent to repay loans according to U.S. standards. Our investors recognize your creditworthiness and are willing to lend you money at the competitive interest rates you deserve.

  • For Investors

    Rapa offers high yield investment options on secured lending products. Each loan is backed by a collateral for your investment.

    If you are an accredited investor, please contact us to know how you can get access to our portfolio.

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Whether you are purchasing or refinancing a home, buying a car, or taking a loan against property, Rapa can offer you highly competitive rates

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Fully digital operations minimize paperwork and ensure that both approval and funding are quick, secure and simple

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Your satisfaction is our top priority. Contact us at any stage in the process

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Who We Are

We are experienced professionals in the fields of finance, risk and technology, all of us passionate about solving the problem of fair access to capital. You deserve credit terms based on your creditworthiness, not on the amount of costs local banks decide to pass through to you. Our team is committed to providing a seamless digital lending solution that puts your interests first. We have been in your shoes. We can help.


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